Manufacturer of rolled aluminium

Technological cycle.

These are the different phases of our technological cycle in the manufacture of aluminium strips or sheets:

1. Aluminium Foundry.

The raw material, mainly scrap, production scrap losses and ingots are introduced in to the melting furnace. When the aluminium is heated in the furnace it is transforms into aluminium liquid. It is then transfered in to another oven to refine, prepare the alloy and adjust the temperature. When it is done, the liquid aluminium is poured in a moulds to be cast in to slabs. The moulds cast slabs 5 metres long as you can see in the picture.


2. Aluminium Hot Rolling.

The slabs are then scalped to clean the surfaces and introduced in to a gas oven for preheating and homogenizing
the milled slabs prior to been prepared for the hot rolling process. During hot rolling the lamination cylinders
reduce the thickness of the slabs and convert the slab in to hot rolled coil after several passes.


3. Aluminium Cold Rolling.

After the hot rolled coils are cooled, they are introduced in to the cold rolled mill. We use special cylinders with the latest technology for fine finish and thickness control. During cold rolling we reduce the hot rolled coils thickness, control the mechanical properties and the thicknesses tolerances requested by the customer.