We are committed to the protection of the environment. With our continuous investments we are always trying to find solutions to protect the environment with the latest technologies available (BREF). At Ucin Aluminium we recycle the internal production losses and even scrap supplied from our customers. We have a complete manufacturing process and we can recycle almost any aluminium. Most of the aluminium is our own raw material and we will recycle it ready for use in new production again. Our aluminium has the same properties as the primary minerals but we reduce our emissions around 90% and reduce the consuption of fuel too (Oxicombustion). As we manufacture in this way we are contributing to a sustainable world and a better future for everybody.

Integrated Environmental Authorisation: AAI 00267
No. Manager Recycler/Valuer: 16-I-01-000000000267


We have a strict security and saftey policy and we consider it crucial that all of our employees in each different process are committed to the awarness of danger to achieve our target of 0 accidents. This is a target has been achieved for many years due to the responsability of our employees and managment. We have all of the human resources, equipment and certification required to fulfill the current legislation and a continous training is an important priority for our company.


We define the quality of our products / services with strict flexability to enable us produce special requirements for the demands of our customers. We have the quickest lead times in Europe, with more 80% of our production exported to more than 300 customers around the world.


Certificado del Sistema de Gestión de Calidad UCIN AluminioIQNET AENOR Certificate UCIN AluminioMarcado CE norma 1090 Certificate Conformity Factory Production ControlMarcado CE norma 15088 Certificate Conformity Factory Production Control

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UCIN Aluminio Aluminium is committed to the environment


UCIN Aluminio is committed to aluminum recycling

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