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In a world of multinational companies, UCIN ALUMINIUM offers all these multinationals can’t offer: proximity to the costumeragility and prompt delivery times.


UCIN ALUMINIUM is an independent company founded in 1967 by Mr. Jose María Ucín. During all these years the company has lived through different stages, starting the activity by manufacturing aluminium tubes and


UCIN ALUMINIO Aluminium Installations in Lasarte (Guipúzcoa) SpainIn 1974 the company was moved to the actual location, where in an extend of 60.000 m2 the complete cycle of aluminium transformation is done. Foundry, hot and cold rolling, tension levelling, cutting and manufacturing of different finished products. The coil width has also been changing during the years from the 500 mm of the beginning, later to the 1000 mm and arriving to the actual 1250 mm.


Due to the continuous investments, UCIN ALUMINIO, has included a range of different alloys fulfilling efficiently the need of our customers with the maximum quality and a capacity of 30.000 tonnes.

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In a world of multinationals, UCIN ALUMINIO, offers all these multinationals can’t offer: proximity to the costumer, agility and prompt delivery times.



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